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Eurobike Award 2017 - The Most Comfortable Cycling Shoes for 2018

Published on August 2017
Team Garneau
Team Garneau

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When it comes to cycling comfort, there are a few key touchpoints across the rider-equipment-bike system that really make the difference. The butt, the hands, and the feet are the key contact areas where a cyclist's comfort must be prioritized. A great chamois is a must for newbies and accomplished riders. Comfortable, well-ventilated gloves help reduce vibration and provide grip. And, cycling shoes that are neither too big nor too small, that support your feet and that don't cause hot-spots complete the trifecta. On this front, we've got something exciting to share.


Garneau wins 2017 Eurobike Award for its new cycling shoe technology. This proprietary, patent-pending technology called the X-Comfort Zone, are available on five shoe models for the 2018 season. This marks the second consecutive Eurobike Award for Garneau.

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The patented X-Comfort Zone technology allows the shoe to stretch to accommodate B-D+ foot widths.  A ventilated elastomer-spandex insert is bonded to the outside of the shoe and can expand up to 5 mm. Achieving a dynamic, non-constricting fit allows the foot’s natural toe splay, improving power, reducing injuries and providing never-before-seen comfort.

Garneau X-Comfort zone cycling shoes new technology


Garneau adheres to the belief that comfort leads to great performance. With our patented chamois technologies, ErgoAir gloves and shoes, and now with our X-Comfort Zone we want riders to feel great in order to ride at their best.


This technology allows cyclists to be more comfortable, less focused on pain or annoyance and ready to enjoy a better experience, which is the foundation of development at Garneau. Comfort (or discomfort) is going to be a key determinant of performance and enjoyment, regardless of the level of riding. Anything that detracts from feeling good on the bike is a problem. 

Comfort, after 15 hours on the bike, takes on a whole new dimension. Having a bike shoe that adapts to your foot’s morphology, reconciling both performance and comfort, eliminates the pressure points on the outside of the foot. - GEOFFROY D, GARNEAU TEST-RIDER.


For road cyclists, the technology is available on the top-level, carbon-soled Course Air Lite II, a lightweight shoe already known for its reduced stack height, ventilated Ergo Air® sole, and increased arch support. It also features a new lacing system, the Boa® TX.Garneau Xcomfort-zone road bike shoe winner of an Eurobike 2017 AwardThe Boa® TX lacing system, unlike other Boa®-equipped shoes, routes its cables internally, thereby reducing pressure points. Its hidden profile is more aerodynamic and is protected from dust and dirt for a clean performance. The X-Comfort Zone self-adjusting width technology can also be found on the men’s Platinum II and women’s Ruby II road cycling shoes, offering improved comfort and performance at a more affordable price point.

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We are constantly innovating and our shoes have been huge game changers over the years. In 2009, we invented the patented ErgoAir® ventilated soles to reduce heat build-up. In 2016, we invented the Power Zone, an increased arch support system, to achieve better energy transfer. For the 2018 season, we are launching the X-Comfort Zone, a technology that increases each rider’s comfort by adapting to the individual foot anatomy." _ LOUIS GARNEAU, FOUNDER AND CEO.

We've been focused on performance. We've been scrutinous over weight and power transfer, but whether pro or weekend warrior, we all really want one thing out of our cycling shoes: comfort. So we set to work and what we developed is brilliant. It bridges all those gaps. Wide feet? No problem. Feet swell during rides? We’ve got you covered. Need a little ventilation at that metatarsal head? You bet. We call it X-Comfort Technology, but all it really is, is understanding. Understanding what makes riding better and a lot more comfortable.


 For mountain bikers, the X-Comfort technology is available on the Granite II model for both men and women. The Granite II‘s upper is thermo-bonded and seamless so that it offers minimal pressure points for the rider. Its single-dial Boa® closure system provides a fit that is quick to adjust and extremely lightweight.