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Introducing The 2016 Team Canada Apparel Collection by Garneau

Published on May 2016
Team Garneau
Team Garneau

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At the upcoming Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Canadian cycling team uniforms from Louis Garneau Sports will blend cutting-edge technology with a nod to tradition.

This year, Team Canada will continue to sport the traditional light blue jersey with white sleeves and red maple leaves that dates back to the 1960s. This is the same iconic design as the one worn by Hall of Famers Alison Sydor, Jocelyn Lovell, Curt Harnett, Steve Bauer and Gord Singleton. Louis Garneau wore the kit himself in the 1984 Olympic Games and has been the producer of the Canadian National Cycling team kits ever since.  The national symbol, the maple leaf, is visible on the rider from every angle, creating a strong visual impact.

The simple design disguises the forward-thinking technology associated with Garneau apparel, encompassing fabric construction, performance features, and moisture management. The 2016 edition will be the fastest and most comfortable Team Canada kit ever made thanks to extensive development work between apparel manufacturer Louis Garneau Sports and the aerodynamic expertise of Alphamantis Technologies. Directly involved at each stage of this collaboration were athletes and staff from Cycling Canada’s high performance programs. Canadian National Team athletes also underwent numerous fit sessions with Garneau to maximize aerodynamic efficiency.


My love of Belgian beer is well known and getting together with friends after cyclo-cross races will remain some of my favourite experiences.

My love of Belgian beer is well known and getting together with friends after cyclo-cross races will remain some of my favourite experiences. Some don’t even wait until after the race is finished to contribute to the fun pastime of heckling friends at races. I enjoyed heckling my friends so much I once made a special trip once down to Portland for US Nationals; I may or may not have made a memorable appearance dressed up in a denim tuxedo in a certain CX documentary. Cyclo-cross is often the end of my season which makes it more relaxed and easier to enjoy an extra drink and a few tasty frites.

My love of Belgian beer is well known and getting together with friends is the best “

I certainly have very fond memories of coming out on top at big events like the USGP, winning a classic like Gloucester, and taking several Canadian National Titles. Almost more special than winning were those feelings I had during muddy races.

I’ve only had the opportunity to compete at one World Championships, so far, and what I remember from the experience is mostly after the race. It was great to even see all the Europeans out at the party; even though I couldn’t convince the champ Sven Nys to try crowd surfing off the balcony. Because of flooding the Louisville World Champs race got moved up a day so on Sunday we rented a hockey rink as everyone had a free day before travelling.

I don’t remember exactly but I think I finished twenty-something at Worlds; I do remember the result of the hockey match exactly though. Canada Won!

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Garneau Team Canada 2016 clothing

“I could not be more proud of the tremendous development work that has been done with Cycling Canada,” said Founder and President Louis Garneau. “For months we have collaborated relentlessly in order to create the best-performing apparel for our cyclists at the Rio Games. We've put all of our expertise at the service of the team, and the result speaks for itself: state-of-the-art apparel that will allow our athletes to compete at the highest level and concentrate on their performance, not on the reliability of their equipment.”

“Cycling Canada is committed to providing our athletes with the best possible tools required to perform at the highest international level,” said Cycling Canada High Performance Director Jacques Landry. “We are proud to work with partners like Garneau who share this commitment and we are grateful for all the research, development and passion that has gone into delivering a world-class product to our world-class athletes.”

Watch how our Garneau team worked with Cycling Canada to create this performance apparel collection.

 For the first time, authorized exact replica versions of the Team Canada jersey will be available for sale at select retailers that carry the Garneau product line at the end of May. A portion of the proceeds of each sale goes back to support the Canadian Olympic Team as well as Cycling Canada’s National Team programs.